How to bet with situs Judi handicap bola 

Handicap bola refers to the count calculation in betting play. Generally, it is mostly included in gambling stock, either a trusted football agent as well as other betting sites. The following are some of the most trusted casino188 sites:

  • SBOBET; which is a trusted soccer agent.
  • MAXBET; trusted ballpoint.
  • Monster Ball; An online site for a ball game.

All of these online gambling sites have values of handicaps, respectively.

How Handicap Bola Works

You can correctly understand and comfortably play with internet gambling balls; besides understanding terms and conditions, reading the handicap bola lists can help, especially if you’re a beginner on internet gambling soccer. Handicap bola is also the online gambling system that uses a voor system whereby a more fabulous team provides a voor to a weaker team. Handicap bola is not only included in soccer but also gambling sports as well. The team that gives voor is typically colored red in a much-favored sign.

Handicap bola Values Calculations 


The handicap value of zero finds the handicap values imply that either the visitor (A) or home (H) team is not red. It also means that the voor is balanced, and a difference of just one goal can determine the victor. But if the results are drawn, then no betting and gambling money is refunded back to its respective account.

Handicap value -0.5/ 0.25 or ¼ means winning a one-goal difference to an opposite team. But in case the scores end up nil, then a team that delivers a voor may lose by ½ of the best value.

Handicap with one value means voor one ball, depending on the score. If a colored team has only one lead, then no alias betting. If you wish to get it all, it will only take a difference of 2 goals for a superior team.

Thus, based on seven points on top, then voor handicap 1.5-2 (1 ¾ or 1.75) goes depending on number 4 with several goals that add one goal. This handicap can extend to voor 4.5 or 3.5 in accordance to a team that completes. But the account will remain the same since a difference of some goals adjusts it.


You can as well gamble with online card games through casino188 or SBOBET. Also, you can get gamblers through an official Judi betting site. Both comprise to have the same handicap basic counting system.So, you should make sure a member can select the best odd value, but if still there no enough understanding, you can directly seek assistance from Live-chat.

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